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Where did jamaican roots brewing come from?

Jamaican roots was preserved by Africans who “marooned” themselves into the hills to escape slavery and later on were termed as Maroons. However, these people are direct descendants of  the Akan people from Ghana.  The “maroon” people speak a language called Kromanti, which is very similar to the Akan dialect known as Fante. There is no doubt that this  knowledge of brewing roots is ancient Akan knowledge that has been deeply preserved by the Maroons of Jamaica til today.  

What are the main ingredients?

The main ingredients in Roots tonics are Chaney Root, Sarsaparilla and Strong Back. These roots are all extremely high in iron which oxygenates the blood and aids in overall blood circulation. 

why brew roots?

Roots tonic wine is not just used to regulate blood health. It has been used for centuries as a Probiotic to support gut health, an Aphrodisiac to increase libido, balances Testosterone and Estrogen in both Women and Men and  boosts athletic performance by increasing stamina and muscle growth.  

how long does it take for roots to ferment?

Roots takes between 3-4 weeks to fully ferment. Fermenting your roots any longer will start the aging process. 

Where can i buy roots and herbs?

There are lots of credible sources that carry these roots and herbs. You can find them locally at Caribbean markets, Ethnic supermarkets and even at medicinal herbal shops. Sourcing them online is even easier but make sure to read comments and reviews to make sure you are buying from credible sources.  

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